Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. I want to make our field work redundant by training local dentists.



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In 1985, a World Health Organisation pathfinder team containing some Australian doctors arrived in Dharamsala to evaluate the health of the Tibetan population in that area. They identified a massive dental disease problem. This led an Australian dentist, Dr Jamie Robertson, to send teams of dental personnel to northern India, working under the name of Rotary International.

Clinical field trips were the foundation of the original project.  However, the need for sustainability led to the development of dental refresher workshops in 2000 to train Tibetan dentists and therapists. These workshops are now biannual, and involve intensive 5 day courses filled with lectures, interactive discussions and hands on clinical demonstrations.

Almost 30 years on, Dr Joanne Richardson continues to run 2 clinical field trips per year, and the Tibetan Dental Project is an established institution in Tibetan exile communities.


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Over the last six years we have helped to set up three new clinics in Tibetan Children's Village schools, trained eight dental therapists, and documented vast improvement in the dental health of over 5000 Tibetan children.


Dr Joanne Richardson BDS