1985 - Dr Jamie Robertson founded the project.

1999 - Dr Denis Cosgrove took over leadership.

2000 - Dr Darryl Andrews started visiting on a yearly basis, mostly to do one-on-one mentoring of Tibetan dentists working in Delek hospital and to be the main facilitator/lecturer at the biannual week long dental refresher workshops​.

2000 - The start of the occasional then biannual dental refresher workshops for Tibetan dental therapists and dentists. These are intensive five day courses comprising lectures, interactive discussions and about 50% hands on clinical demonstrations.

2001 - Dr Joanne Richardson led a month long clinical field trip to the Khumbu in Nepal with one dental assistant and 100 kg of supplies. One week later, there was a massacre of royal family. The resulting political instability in Nepal led Joanne to look for another dental project in the region

2001 - Dr Mayin Chan started visiting once a year on both clinical field trips and workshops.

2002 - Dr Joanne Richardson's led her first clinical field trip as part of the project led by Dr Denis Cosgrove. Since then, Dr Joanne Richardson has conducted biannual trips to India to lead clinical field trips and run workshops for Tibetan therapists.

2004 - Dr Denis Cosgrove handed over leadership to Dr Joanne Richardson, but remains heavily involved.

2008 - Dr Bob Lavis established two dental surgeries in monastery schools in the Spiti valley. Since then, we have conducted yearly clinical field trips to the Spiti valley led by either Dr Bob Lavis or Dr Joanne Richardson.

2010 - Dr Garry Wells started visiting once a year to work in the field and help run the workshops.

2013 – Dr Joanne Richardson continues to run 2 clinical field trips per year, and the Tibetan Dental Project is an established institution in Tibetan exile communities across northern India.